Education Tableau vs Spotfire: Key differences you need to know

Tableau vs Spotfire: Key differences you need to know


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Data visualization plays a vital role in today’s world of technology where most organizations visualize data for gaining insights from them. It helps in identifying areas that need improvement and valid actions can be taken based on the observation. Data visualization converts raw data into understandable and visual objects such as maps, line plots, bar graphs, and more. But how can we perform data visualization? There are some tools available for performing data visualization and are used by many companies nowadays.

Tableau and Spotfire are the two most commonly used tools for data visualization. Apart from data visualization, they are used for other tasks too. However, these two are not the same. They differ in various aspects which makes them stand unique in their purpose. In this blog, we are going to see Tableau vs Spotfire: the top differences between them.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is an application used for data exploration and discovery that allows us to visualize any data by simply providing a drag and drop interface. Using Tableau, one can explore data with different views and combine multiple databases very effectively. However, it doesn’t need any complex scripting for performing the tasks.

Tableau has intuitive BI (Business Intelligence) tools that let users analyze data easily and create impressive visualizations. Using Tableau, we can embed the dashboards with other applications such as Sharepoint, Jive, and Salesforce for quickly analyzing the data.

Features of Tableau

Faster Analysis: Tableau doesn’t require any scripting. Users who have the access to data can start visualizing and using it.

Easy installation: To use Tableau, all you need to do is to install the desktop version of Tableau and that doesn’t require any complex setup. Installation of Tableau is very easy.

Different tools: There are different ways available in Tableau to visualize data. There are a lot of visual tools present such as colors, charts, graphs, lines, etc that can be used for different types of visualization.

Divergent data sets: Using Tableau, we can integrate different types of data sets such as raw data, relational data, semi-structured data in real-time with no additional cost.

Platform independent: Tableau works on any kind of device for data visualization.

Data centrally stored: Tableau stores all the data of an organization in a centralized service for effective management of data.

Different data types: Tableau lets you easily interpret the data as it stores data only in four formats: Number, String, Date time, and Boolean.

What is Spotfire?

Spotfire is an analytics platform used by various enterprises for the effective derivation of business data. It is a flexible and smart tool that provides predictive analysis and visualization of business data. The dashboard in Spotfire is effective for visualization and the analytical app is excellent for interactions.

Spotfire provides interactive visualization by combining all the data in a single analysis. Using Spotfire, it is easy to plot data on maps and can create reports, perform data exploration. Spotfire can be used for making your business smarter since it uses AI-driven analytics for data exploration and visualization.

Features of Spotfire

Data visualization: Spotfire provides the best data visualization features among all the business intelligence tools available nowadays.

Effective discovery: The smart data discovery feature of Spotfire provides so many benefits for discovering the data.

The wrangling of data: Using Spotfire, the data can be cleaned and the messy data can be combined to use the data in a more accessible form.

New features: The latest version of Spotfire has some impressive features such as editing of data is possible within the data sources, indicators that represent severity fr troubleshooting of data and loading data within the connector of Salesforce, etc.

Tableau vs Spotfire: Differences between them

The difference between the two visualization tools, Tableau and Spotfire are listed below.

Features Spotfire Tableau

Founded by Spotfire was founded by TIBCO in 1997 and its headquarters is in Palo Alto, CA. This tool was founded by Tableau in 2003 and its headquarters is in Seattle, WA
Ownership The Spotfire is private Tableau ownership of Tableau is public
About the product Using Spotfire, one can perform analysis in real-time without any IT experience.
It helps to find out the root causes of issues that happen in a business.
It is used to find trends and patterns of different data and situations Using Tableau, data discovery can be enhanced.
The drag and drop feature makes the analysis and visualization easy

Pricing Spotfire Cloud Analyst edition- $125/month
Business Author- $65/month
Consumer- $25/month
They provide a free trial for its software. Tableau creator plan- $70/month
Explorer- $35 to 42/month
Viewer- $12 to 15/month
Tableau provides a 14 day free trial for new users.
Advantages Using Spotfire statistical analysis can be performed and the root cause of all the business issues can be found out. It is one of the effective visualization tools that provide various approaches that are suitable for all users.
Disadvantages Visualization customization is difficult sometimes
Drilling of the data details is harder
Technical difficulties are not easy to resolve Cost is very high for small businesses

Tableau vs Spotfire: Which one is best for you?

Choosing a data visualization tool among Tableau vs Spotfire is quite challenging and it depends on the requirements of the organization. If your organization has a lot of experienced analysts, you can go for Tableau. Tableau serves best for organizations that look for both data visualization and augmented data preparation capabilities.

If you want flexible pricing software for data visualization, then you can go with TIBCO’s Spotfire. Spotfire can be used for various purposes such as predictive analysis, enterprise-grade analytics, data search, and discovery, and more. If you want an effective statistical data analysis, you can go for TIBCO’s Spotfire otherwise, you can opt for Tableau if you want great visualization.


This blog presents the differences between Tableau vs Spotfire. Both Tableau and Spotfire are robust tools for data analysis and visualization and offer similar features to the users. Choosing one tool from these two completely depends on the requirement of the users.


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