October 26, 2021

The World Has Refused To End

  1. There clearly was concern throughout the place and anxiety was instilled in spirits of so many individuals once the new prophecy about the growing end of the world was given. It had been a anxiety occasioned by a huge truth that certainly, the world would one day arrived at an end. Living we stay is just a really short life. The Bible identifies it as a vapour which appears for a while and then disappears away (James 4:14).
  2. Certainly one of our tracts had that caption: “Can You Miss Heaven?” The concept is always to remind us about the shortness of life, and that at the time it ends, wherever can you be? We’re informed by the Bible two essential locations of the individual souls at the end of living – paradise and hell. What we do with this life here on earth establishes the spot we can invest eternity. The area mentioned above was really a timely warning to the adamant who does not have any looked at tomorrow and what it’s in store. Demise brings to a finish what seems an countless living, and so many times we’re grieved by the actions of death.
  3. It’s human nature to carry on in a comfort zone. We complain a lot when anything stops our activities. When persons die and get into anniversary, we’re not necessarily bothered about ourselves about what will soon be our own lot. We’re just moved mostly during the time of loss in someone else’s living but do nothing seriously interested in ourselves, yet death stays the ton of each human being.
  4. Apart from physical death, the Bible speaks of a period when every soul may come back to the Maker. The Bible equally talks about Rapture, which is really a getting away of the saints. This period is called a time of unexpected surprises, when persons will start to disappear without the more physical track in the world. As they get raptured, the occupy celestial bodies fit for beautiful fellowships. Individuals who get raptured are right-living and holy persons – those that offered their lives to Jesus Christ and wait for His Return.
  5. Again and again, Christians are usually in await that wonderful experience. Consequently, they’ve been rattled by people who do not actually think the teachings of Jesus Christ. We hear the statements and sound about therefore many people being Christians and occupying a sizable piece of the world populace, yet the Christians know themselves. Christianity has been ridiculed in therefore several ways by therefore several people. Often, they take advantage of the Christians’Sacred Book, the Bible, to champion their length of destruction. Therefore many religions nowadays, in addition to the Christianity, are utilising the Bible to instruct their congregations.
  6. As Christians, whenever we browse the Bible, we discover why Lord allowed therefore numerous others to keep in ignorance. He held calm because these folks chose to opinion problem, and as such, Lord can’t modify them against their hope before the time of their acceptance is over. The Bible shows people therefore many things about Jesus Christ and prophecy. When He was experienced on what and when the planet should end, He obviously informed them that the decision is in the hand of Lord (His Father) to take. Looking at what that portends to your provide time, we realize that men of today would prefer to turn orange to black to arrive at a point.
  7. Saturday, 21st of May, 2011 is still new inside our memory. This was your day depends upon supposed to have finished according to current day prophets. Having missing at the center of human affairs, they resort to prophetic babbling to remain prominent. The prophetic signal beingshown to people there heralding the end of the entire world on a specific date was certainly and hoax. Regardless of the “love” these prophets had on people, to possess spent therefore much income on commercials – billboards, radio, books, television, Net, and so forth, to warn us of the new growth, they simply succeeded in ridiculing themselves before the world. I heard an account in Nigeria, where one man who was simply not used to attending Church, went and took his Bible and determined the whole of this Saturday examining, meditating and hoping to God. If the entire world had concluded because the prediction had it, this person could have been saved. The same thing is relevant to the rich people of that earth who’ve number respect for God. Muslims and different customers of diverse religions might also discover automated salvation if God will give us a date when the world may end.
  8. The truth of the situation is that the world ends. No-one understands the afternoon, enough time or the hour. That is why have to do good and stay static in performing proficient at all times. If we’re maybe not likely to be caught unawares, then Christianity is just a ruse. I however remember sometime about the entire year 2000, when scientists believed an issue that has the possible to possess damaging outcomes in virtually every part of individual living; a period of time when many computers will not understand “00” as a valid year, thus taking techniques that control such things as the movement of electricity grinding to a halt. As a result, businesses and governments went in to paying and devoting countless hours in an effort to locate and resolve all cases of the problem. They won and the entire year 2000 is currently in the past.
  9. In the Bible, once the sinner saw the glories of heaven and the poor state of hell, he requested that a messenger be sent to his father’s home to advise his remaining friends of the ugly condition that await them whenever they carry on in doing evil. It is clear that the request was rejected, since there were preachers and prophets that are currently doing the task there. Christ informed people to keep in properly this that at the time when He will be such as a thief in the night, He will not find us wanting. Today, you will see the problem of the predicting about the end of the world with days attached. Christ shown us to preach that the Empire of Paradise is available, but not to say that it’s “tomorrow” or next, because it could be NOW!
  10. The issue of the finish of the entire world is a problem that threatens a lot more than the increased loss of power and heat similar to the one in year 2000; it gets the efficiency of taking losses far higher than the increasing loss of most of the wealth on the planet – the loss of your SOUL. Failure is the main constructor of this loss. Aside from the truth that it causes the sinner concern, and makes him a coward before all and his Manufacturer, it is capable of producing him eternal damnation. It’s failure that produces man to consider and purpose in shallow ways. Just as programmers who fitted our computers didn’t believe their activities could affect the ongoing future of mankind, so are so many individuals today. They have mistakenly believed that life does not have any “conclusion”, and therefore decide to call home with no thought for the future.
  11. That the world didn’t end on Saturday, 21st May 2011, does not suggest it will never end. We may have been jolted by the unlikely character of the prophetic utterances, but what if the entire world chooses to end NOW, what do you think is going to be your ton? If Christ comes today, do you want to get ready to follow along with Him? The prophetic utterances are part of the issues that Christ says can happen first before the conclusion comes (Matthew 24:3-44). They are area of the things that can herald His Second Entering the entire world, however it was a great computation from the gap of hell! Those prophets understood that people are interested and generally react well to warnings that are tied to unique dates rather than get yourself ready for an occasion that will come some day, and so made a decision to mesmerize the world by placing a date.
  12. When His disciples asked Him in regards to the day of His reunite, Jesus responded by encouraging all of us to be ready at all times because enough time and day is not known, even though it is available for we ought to stay by religion and maybe not by view (2 Corinthians 5:7; 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; 1:7-10; 2 Philip 3:3-13). We could make certain that most of the Biblical and geographical evidences as are being seen today can never be ignored. As in Noah’s time, persons are now being warned nowadays of God’s judgment and informed about the possibility of being saved through the good thing of salvation through Jesus Christ. The forecast and future failure of the prophecy below evaluation is a warning and a sign that the coming of Jesus Christ into the world is closer than we imagine it. Remember of Christ’s coming will actually support people understand the future of our world. We have all been impacted by the language of crime, however we are unaware of the job of SIN inside our lives. The phrase SIN makes no meaning to people any more, even though we’re in peril of it. Shall we resemble those that perished in the great flood while Noah and his persons got preserved?
  13. Let’s admit our errors and disadvantages as regards our operates as persons and God’s children. You can find therefore several parts we’ve overlooked it but sloppy concerning the implication, even though it is effective at robbing people of endless life with Lord in heaven. You may have been on so easy road for too much time, the Master is calling for you, and this might be the chance you are looking for. To have on the right road, admit that you’re missing and then start studying God’s Word, the Bible. Question Jesus to be your Saviour – to show you the best way to heaven. You are able to write to tell me about your decision so that we may consistently be hoping together. This helps to prepare you to stay right before God, to ensure that even if the world ends NOW, you is likely to be sure of anniversary in heaven. Therefore, do not join the class that hold expressing that the Earth Has Refused to End because the planet certainly, ends!
  14. Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and author with the Fire-Brand Int”l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria.
  15. He is the manager of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children.